Semester Registration

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StudentWeb Contents:

  • Your Education Plan
  • Overview of examination registration and important details about these
  • Overview of your course results
  • Payment information for the semester fee

StudentWeb Uses: 

Semester Registration Process:

Before logging onto the Studentweb, you must first access your user account and create your password on brukerdata.

Begin by logging onto the StudentWeb via Feide using your username and password.

Click on "Start Registration" to complete the five-step process:

1) Rights and Obligations
Read through NMBU's rules and regulations and check the box to confirm that you have read and accepted these. Read through NMBU's information on cheating and plagerism and how to avoid this, and then check the box to confirm that you acknowledge the information. Click next to proceed.

2) Study Plan
Review your detailed education plan for each semester of studies. All obligatory coursework should already be listed, but elective coursework may not be listed. You can add elective courses in this step. As a general rule, one academic year of studies is equivalent to 60 study points, alternatively 30 study points per semester. If your education plan is incomplete, you must nevertheless confirm the education plan and contact your study coordinator later for clarifications, changes and/or additions. Click next to proceed.

3) Status and Overview
Review the summary of completed and remaining coursework. Reminders for obligatory coursework will be noted. Click next to proceed.

4) Profile
Enter your local mailing address. If you live on campus, use the mailing address listed on your SiÅs welcome letter.
Enter emergency contact information. Include name, relationship type, telephone number and email address if possible. Click complete to proceed.

This is the final step in the Semester Registration process. Review the summary of course registration for the semester and the assessment form.

The semester registration process is complete when you have completed the five steps above AND you have paid the semester fee.


Privacy Protection
Use of the StudentWeb follows all rerquirements as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Published 29. October 2009 - 11:00 - Updated 15. December 2021 - 13:40