Semester registration

Semester Registration

Semester registration involves both payment of the semester fee and completing the semester registration sequence in Student Web.  Firstly, you will need to log onto Student Web either with your Norwegian ID and the pin code located on your invoice or FEIDE or using your BankID.  Secondly, you will need to complete the semester-registration sequence by clicking on the green box titled 'Start Registration'. You will have completed this process only when you get to the final step and click 'Finalize'. 

Academic Calendar.
You will find information regarding dead lines in the Academic Calendar

In order to follow lectures, take examinations, submit a thesis or use student and campus facilities, students have to register each semester. Semester Registration is done on the Student Web. You will need to enter your Norwegian ID number and the four-digit PIN code that is on your Giro/Invoice OR log in through FEIDE. Semester registration involves two steps: registering for classes/approving the education plan and paying the NOK 510 semester fee.

Semester fee 
The semester fee must be paid by the deadline, 15 September in the autumn and 1 February in the spring, to the University Foundation for Student Life in Ås (SiÅs), or to another Foundation for Student Life in Norway, or in accordance with an institutional agreement of cooperation. 

You can generate a bank invoice on the StudentWeb. This is done under the heading “Payment”. There is a choice of having the invoice sent to you by post, or printing the payment information and using it, for instance, to pay via internet banking. Electronic payments are automatically registered in the university's database within 3-4 working days. The receipt for manual payments can alternatively be shown to the Student Information Centre (SiT) in the Economy building who will register the payment manually.
After this you can start your Semester Registration on the Student Web.

The current fee is NOK 510 per semester.  NOK 40 per of NOK 510 is a voluntary contribution to SAIH which is the solidarity organization of students and academics in Norway. SAIH focuses on education in development cooperation, as well as North/South information and political advocacy in Norway. The motto of the organization is “Education for Liberation”. If you do not want to support SAIH's work, you can choose to pay NOK 470 per semester instead.

Semester Registration and registration of examinations
Semester Registration is via the StudentWeb
You can register through the Internet from your nearest computer terminal connected to the campus network. In addition, there are several terminals at the Student Information Centre (SiT) where you also can ask for help. You will find the instructions for registration on the terminal.

Remember to register for both the lectures and the exam for all courses.

On the StudentWeb you may:

- Do the semester registration
- Change your registration
- Change your semester address
- Register your examinations
- Find your exam results
- Find your exam registrations, with the exam plan and exam location
- Get information on semester fee payment
- Change your PIN-code

Education Plan
All students enrolled in a program of 60 credits or more shall have an education plan. The education plan is an agreement between the student and the department indicating each party's obligations and responsibilities.

The education plan is a tool for the planning and implementation of a study programme. The plan indicates how the department will facilitate for students to achieve the defined learning objectives within the standard time, and the plan also outlines the student's responsibility to fulfil the programme requirements with regards to participation, mandatory work and study progress. The plan is regulated by the Universities and Colleges Act 1 April 2005 no. 15.

The education plan consists of two sections:
§ General section - common to all and has links to the rules and regulations.
§ Individual education section - this outlines the student's individual plan for studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

The Department of Academic Affairs and SiT sends important information by e-mail to your student NMBU email address. These emails are meant as a personal letter to the student. You are required to check and read your!

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