Semester Fee Payment

What is the semester fee?

The semester fee is legally required to cover the expenses related to students' welfare needs at each academic institution. The semester fee must be paid to the foundation of student life associated with the academic institution, unless covered by § 18. Students admitted to studies at multiple academic institutions must pay the semester fee to the foundation of student life at the academicinstitution where the most study points are awarded.

Who must pay the semester fee?

  • Persons admitted to studies at one or more academic institutions in Norway who intend to complete a combined 15 study points or more per semester.
  • Persons registeered to take an exam.

Persons registered to take less than 15 study points per semester, can choose to pay the semester fee. Students on maternity leave as per jf. universitets- og høyskolelovens § 4-5, can choose to pay the semester fee.

Doctoral candidates who are financed by Lånekassen, NORAD or other Ministry of Foreign Affairs programs, can choose to pay the semester fee.

If in doubt, the academic institution in collaboration with the foundation of student life will deteremine whether a person can be defined as a student according to the first paragraph.

 (jfr.§17 Forskrift om  studentsamskipnader, 2008-07-22-828.)

Students who do not pay the semester fee within the deadline can lose their study rights.

How can I pay and what does it cost?

Students can find payment information on the StudentWeb. Log in on Feide with your username and password. The payment information can be found under the menu item "payment". Invoices for the semester fee will not be sent by post.

As  of the spring semester 2017, the semester fee is kr 470,- payable to the Foundation of Student Life in Ås (SiÅs) plus a voluntary kr 40 (combined total kr 510,-) to the Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH). The support students in Norway contributes to educate 776 teachers in Nicaragua, provide legal assistance to 233 students arrested in Zimbabwe and leader training totens of thousands of indigenous populations in Bolivia and Nicaragua. The support to SAIH is voluntary. If you wish to have the SAIH support reimbursed, you can contact

If you pay from abroad, you must an additional kr 50,- in international transactions costs. If you do not do this, the payment will not be registered. The amount will be either kr 560,- (including the support to SAIH) or kr 520,- (without the support to SAIH). 

When is the deadline for paying the semester fee?

15 September for the Autumn Semester
1 February  for the Spring Semester

If you have paid the semester fee to another Norwegian foundation for student life
If you have paid the semester fee to another Norwegian foundation for student life other than SiÅs, the payment will not be automatically registered at NMBU. You must therefore send documentation that you have paid the semester fee so that it can be manually registered at NMBU. Send an e-mail to the Student Information Centre (SiT), provide your full name, birthdate and Norwegian ID and attach proof that you have paid the semester fee.

Other inquiries about the semester fee can be directed to SiT by telephone +47 67 23 01 11 (Monday through Friday 08:00 - 15:00).

Digital Semester Receipt

The digital receipt for confirming payment of the semester fee can be obtained on the app "Studentbevis". The app is valid together with your student card as confirmation of student status for SiÅs, Ruter, Vy and various shops that offer student discounts. The app can  be download on IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android telephones.
The digital receipts will only become valid once you have paid the semester fee and completed the semester registration process.

Download the App!

If you do not have an IOS or Android telephone, you can request a paper verion. This can be done on the StudentWeb. Click on your name on the top right hand corner, select "My profile", scroll down to "semester fee receipt" and select "yes".

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