guidelines oral examination

I.            Oral examination is defined as the oral evaluation of an examinee. 

II.            Before taking the examination, the examinee shall be familiar with NMBU’s Regulations concerning admission, programmes of study, examinations and degrees at NMBU with supplementary provision and these guidelines. 

III.            Examinees wishing to take examinations are themselves responsible for registering for the exam before the specified deadline, and for making sure the registration was performed correctly. Examinees who are not listed on the registration lists will be refused admission to the examination. The Department of Academic Affairs must be notified of any mistakes within a specified deadline. Examinees are themselves responsible for staying informed about the venue and the time of the examination.

IV.            The examinee must arrive at the appointed time, and shall thereafter wait in the immediate vicinity of the examination premises, or in another designated waiting room. The examinee is him/herself responsible for being present when he/she is called in for examination. Examinees who are not present when being called in for examination, are registered as absent, without a valid excuse. 

Published 31. October 2016 - 18:01 - Updated 19. August 2020 - 11:28