Guidelines fulfilment continuous assessment

Digital tests

NB! When arranging av digital test/examination during the teaching period, at home or at campus, please contact the Department of Academic Affairs’ examination office for assistance, regardless of number of students

Examination during the teaching periode

When arranging av examination during the teaching periode the person in charge of the course must remember:

1. Arrange for room(s) and examination guards when needed

  • When less than 20 students are taking the examination, it is the faculty’s responsibility to provide the necessary room and guard(s) for the examination. The building's caretaker must be contacted in advance to assure that the room(s) is made ready and the answering sheets and calculators, if needed, are available. The Department of Academic Affairs at can arrange for extra room if needed.
  • When 20 students or more are taking the examination the Department of Academic Affairs can arrange for room(s) and guards. In such cases, the Department of Academic Affairs at must be contacted well in advance at least 1 month prior to the date of the examination. Please contact us in the beginning of the semester.

2. Notify the students

The students must be notified about when and where the examination will be held. A notice about the examination shall be available in Canvas at least 14 days prior to the date for the examination.

3. Special arrangements

To obtain information about whether there are students registered for the course and who are entitled to special arrangements for the examinations please contact the faculty's FS administrator or the Department of Academic Affairs The individual facilitation arrangement that is granted upon application (documentation is available at the Department of Academic Affairs) is presented in the FS report 530.002. 

A student who needs special arrangements for the examination must contact the person in charge of the course, or the student advisor at the faculty, as soon as the students have been informed of the examination date(s). 

As a general rule only extended time is granted for examinations during the teaching periode, if the student needs other forms of special arrangements please contact the Department of Academic Affairs.

Section 38-2 Extended examination time
For written examinations, the following extensions are granted:
- 15 extra minutes are granted for examinations lasting up to 1.5 hours
- 30 extra minutes are granted for examinations lasting between 1.5 and 4 hours
- 1 extra hour is granted for examinations lasting more than 4 hours

4. Examination questions and aids

The examination questions must be copied in a sufficient number and handed over to the guards at least 15 minutes prior to the examination.

Please note if examination aids are authorized for the examination, the aids must be stated on the examination question sheet and be in accordance with the aid code specified in the web-based course description.

5. If calculators are needed

When using rooms for the examination that are also used during the regular examination periode there are calculators provided in the "examination cupboard". The caretaker and the examination guards have keys for the cupboard. If the room used for the examination does not have a "examination cupboard" the caretaker can arrange for calculators. Remember to contact the caretaker well in advance of the examination.  

B1: calculator handed out, no other aids
B2: calculator handed out, other aids as specified

6. Lists

As part of the quality assurance to whether a student has attended the examination in question a lists for attendance (printed by the FS-responsible at the faculty) might be useful. The list should be provided for the examination guards with the examination questions. Inform the guards that the students must sign for attendance. Please contact the Department of Academic Affairs for any questions.

7. Collecting the examination answers

Inform the guards that the answers will be collected when the examination is finished.


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