Residence permit

Residence permit application/Application Portal Norway 
The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has implemented an internet-based system where your residence permit application can be started. This system is called Application Portal Norway. Once your application has been registered on the portal, a list of supporting documents which must be delivered to the police station appears in one of the final screens. It is recommended to print this screen and use it as a reference for what to bring with you to the police station. The application is not considered complete until all supporting documents are submitted to the police station.

 To use the application portal visit where you can pay the processing fee (NOK 5 900), and book an appointment time: 

 The following information is required when registering your application on the internet:
Organization number for NMBU: 969159570
E-mail address for the university: 

If you live in Ås, you may submit your documents to any of the police stations in the Øst Police District.
This includes the police stations in Ski (called Follo Police), Romerike (Lillestrøm), Østfold (Sarpsborg) and Indre Østfold (Askim) politistasjon. See the application portal for all options available.

If you live in Oslo, you must submit your application to the police station there.

Required Documentation
The following documentation should be submitted when applying for a renewal:

- Study progression report. It is not necessary to download the form from the UDI website as it is automatically generated by the student database with all of the required information. Fill in a request through the NMBU Help website
- Documentation of financing
- Documentation of housing

Students submitting at the police stations in Ski and Oslo:
Please request your study progression report on NMBUHjelp on the request form. You will be asked which police station you will be applying at so that the report can be sent electronically to the police station. It is not necessary to submit it in person at the appointment time. A copy of the study progression report will be available on the StudentWeb.

Students submitting at other police stations:

The report should be submitted at the time of the interview.
IMPORTANT: The report must be requested at least one week prior to the appointment time.

- Documentation of subsistence. For the study year 2022-2023 this corresponds to NOK 128 887. If applying only for the autumn semester, the amount is NOK 66 049. The amount for only the spring semester is NOK 77 536. For a renewal, you must provide confirmation of funds in your Norwegian bank account (bank statement) on the first of every month, for the past six months. It is also possible to provide confirmation of your scholarship award or employment contract as proof of subsistence, or a combination of these.

Field work:
If you are going on field work, a confirmation letter from the study coordinator may be attached to the application if you will be leaving Norway in early summer and returning in September. The duration must be clearly stated in the confirmation letter. For field work periods over six months, the immigration authorities will not grant a permit. A renewal application should be submitted 2-3 months prior to your return from abroad for the completion of your studies.

Doctoral students:
The study progression report should be requested as above. Please contact your administrative contact person at the department, to find out if an extension of the study period is required.

Published 24. April 2021 - 9:42 - Updated 3. May 2022 - 10:15