Digital submission


  1. If the thesis is barred (postponed) or restricted by law the correct form must be completed and submitted to no later than four (4) weeks before the thesis submission deadline and attached electronically when submitting the thesis in WISEflow. 
  2. The thesis must be saved as one PDF file together with the NMBU's front and back cover and attachments.
  3. The title of the thesis must be registered in StudentWeb.
  4. The thesis must be submitted in WISEflow with completed cover. If the thesis is barred (postponed) or restricted by law the correct forma must be attached.

Confidential thesis 

If your thesis is restricted by law or have postponed publishing (up to 5 years) the correct form must be completed. For questions please contact your faculty. Read more about confidential thesis and thesis with postponed publication (see part: "Confidentiality agreement").

The form must be completed with your supervisor and the completed and signed form must be submitted to no later than four (4) weeks before the thesis submission deadline. It must also be attached electronically when submitting the thesis in WISEflow.

Finalize your thesis - NMBU’s front and back cover 

Please remember that the thesis, the front and back cover and all attachments must be submitted as one PDF-file, see how to merge PDF files. You should not submitt your paper in paper.

Register the thesis title in StudentWeb

Remember to register the title on your thesis in StudentWeb before you submit it - click on the thesis in Studentweb and then click "Edit" and "Show Title". 

It is important that you register the correct title in StudentWeb. The title registered in Studentweb will appear on your diploma certificate (see information in the right part of this website).

Submission in Brage (master's thesis only)

From December 2022, master's theses will be automatically published in Brage after submission and censorship in WISEflow.

Digital submission in WISEflow 

After the thesis title has been registered in StudentWeb, your thesis has to be submitted in WISEflow. 

  1. Log in to WISEflow with your NMBU/Feide user account. 
  2. Choose wheter you are writing the thesis alone, or together with another student. 
    If you write:
    • alone - click the "Create one-person group" button. 
    • together with another student - click the "Form group" button, and choose the student(s) to add to your group. The student(s) you add to your group will have to log in to WISEflow to confirm that they should be a part of the group, before you can submit the thesis. 
  3. Under "Paper" upload the thesis in PDF format
  4. If your thesis is barred (postponed) or restricted by law , upload the signed form under "Appendix material".
  5. Tick any questions on the cover.
  6. Press the green “Hand in” button  to submit the thesis. 

Questions or problems with submission in WISEflow? Please use the NMBUhelp web form to contact us 



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Published 14. March 2020 - 11:43 - Updated 8. November 2022 - 11:16