Centre for Plant Research in Controlled Climate (SKP)

SKP was established in 1995, as a joint facility for NMBU and NIBIO. We aim to offer optimized facilities, equipment and services for education and research at an international level to researchers internally at NMBU, NIBIO and other R&D institutions, and to commercial businesses. SKP’s operates, develops and provides infrastructure to researchers as a pay-per-use service. 

The activity is primarily aimed at plant research, but soil, environment and technology research is also research areas in which we deliver services. SKP can offer services in climate regulated facilities (i.e. greenhouses, phytotrons, climate rooms, approved GMO facilities, refrigerator- and freezer rooms), and arable land (ecological and conventional areas at Vollebekk research farm).

We provide more than 200 small and large climate regulated units with associated service facilities. SKP can customize facilities for your specific experiment and needs. At Vollebekk research farm we can provide 45 ha of arable land, of which approximately 5 ha are ecological area (Debio-approved), that can be used for various experiments on grain, grass and other open field crops. SKP operates the irrigation system on NMBU, which provides security and stability in drought seasons.

Good and close collaboration with researchers is important to us. We have a highly competent and skilled staff that can help you plan the technical solutions for your experiment within the correct financial framework. As a security for all clients performing research experiments in our facilities, SKP has a 24-hour on-call duty.

Published 27. November 2020 - 15:09 - Updated 27. November 2020 - 15:14