Serve the Feed Industry

Fôrtek’s strength is bridging principle to practice. From the client’s seminal concept to Fôrtek’s deliverable product, experienced professionals analyze each step with surgical precision. State-of-the-art equipment supplements rather than supplants know-how in feed technology.

Serve the Feed Industry

Frtek has four different batch twin shaft paddle mixers,<br />(400 l, 60 l, 40 l and 6 l volume)
Fortek has four different batch twin shaft paddle mixers,
(400 l, 60 l, 40 l and 6 l volume) Photo: APC - Frtek

Our contact details
Our contact details Photo: Dejan Miladinovic

FôrTek integrates research in Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences with production in the Animal Production Experimental Centre.

This enables researchers to monitor the complete feed chain, from the technical characteristics of ingredient processing to the well-beings of tested animals.

The end result: interdisciplinary expertise analyzes the cause-effect of new feeds on nutrition, health, welfare of various animals – worldwide. This makes Fôrtek a global host for comprehensive R&D.

Fôrtek conforms to Norwegian policies regarding feed production (Regulation of feedstuffs 2002 and Regulation of feed additives 2005), which correspond with EU regulatory policy for producing feed.

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Deshelled krill meat pellets<br />(Courtosy of KrillSea products)
Deshelled krill meat pellets
(Courtosy of KrillSea products) Photo: Dejan Miladinovic


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