Vacuum Coating

Under vacuum, extruded products (with high expansion rate) can provide up to 50% of the available air-space for fat/liquid coating, depending on material and production properties. 

Equipment specification:

KAHL - GVC 80 liter, batch size 40 kg. for sinking fish feed. Kahl Gentle Vacuum Coater GVC is designed as a rotary drum mixer with no moving parts inside the mixing chamber. The GVC allows access to all parts for cleaning and it is easy to wash from contaminants.

200 liter Dinnissen (Sevenum - Holland) twin-shaft paddle mixer-vacuum-coater. Maximum capacity 1200kg/h. Electric motor 3 kW. Oil addition 2% min  - 50% max  Vacuum set-point: 100% - 0% = 0.1 - 1 bar. Entire vacuum-mixer-coater line is integrated into the Norvidan-Citec system. 

6 liter Forberg Int. (f-6) twin-shaft paddle mixer-vacuum-coater. Maximum capacity 30 kg/h. Electric motor 0.37 kW. Manual steering with Forberg steering panel. The machine is mobile.

1 liter Jar Vacuum Coater for very small samples. Vacuum coating is manually controlled. This mini equipment is well-suited for demonstrating vacuum coating technology.

Published 30. June 2014 - 13:18 - Updated 4. October 2021 - 9:40