Vacuum Coating

Under vacuum, extruded products (with high expansion rate) can provide up to 50% of the available air-space for fat/liquid coating, depending on material and production properties. 

Equipment specification:

200 liter Dinnissen (Sevenum - Holland) twin-shaft paddle mixer-vacuum-coater. Maximum capacity 1200kg/h. Electric motor 3 kW. Oil addition 2% min  - 50% max  Vacuum set-point: 100% - 0% = 0.1 - 1 bar. Entire vacuum-mixer-coater line is integrated into the Norvidan-Citec system. 

6 liter Forberg Int. (f-6) twin-shaft paddle mixer-vacuum-coater. Maximum capacity 30 kg/h. Electric motor 0.37 kW. Manual steering with Forberg steering panel. The machine is mobile.

1 liter Jar Vacuum Coater for very small samples. Vacuum coating is manually controlled. This mini equipment is well-suited for demonstrating vacuum coating technology.

Published 30. June 2014 - 13:18 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:43