IsDeCa mixing

The inventors of a new mixing technology IsDeCa are Dejan Miladinovic with Ismet Nikqi from FôrTek-NMBU and Carlos Salas from Realtek-NMBU. The new mixing technology aims to improve the mixing of powder particles with liquids in a shorter time. It is expected that this equipment will cost 30% less than the other competing technologies. This machine can be used in a food, feed, pharma, cement industries. The equipment is classified as a single shaft paddle mixer. Paddle mixers are known to be limited to handle a maximum of 35 % water, while the new invention can handle powders mixed with up to 75 % water.

The new IsDeCa technology produces mixtures with high homogeneity, even better than the best twin-shaft paddle mixers with coefficient of variation (CV%) less tnan 2%, as optimal for pharmaceutical products. The IsDeCa technology also produces a mixture with no agglomeration when handling high amounts of liquids (65% added liquids).

The project has entered into a commercialization phase led by Ard Innovation. This has attracted the media, and Finansavisen have  published an article describing this new technology. Up-scaling of the IsDeCa mixing technology is financed by the Norwegian Research Council. 

"This is the best mixer in the world", said the Head of Center for Feed Technology Dejan Miladinovic.
Dejan underlines that the feed technologists will soon use IsDeCa mixing technology for various new product developments where integration of novel raw ingredients in the liquid form is of paramount importance.

Published 22. June 2020 - 13:04 - Updated 22. June 2020 - 13:14