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The vision statement:
Obtaining the high international standards for serving the international food and feed industry in order to be internationally recognized institution for the research and product development by using the various known technologies for processing the cereal grains and other feed/food grade raw materials.  

FôrTek serves international feed industry by carrying out researches in all areas of fish feed, pet food and animal feed as well as educating students in M.Sc. Feed Manufacturing Program since 2002. FôrTek serves as the practical laboratory and allow the graduate students to practice and work on their thesis programs.

Advanced education of the world wide feed professionals (extrusion seminar) is placed at the NMBU together with Australian company FoodStream and Bühler the world leader in the extrusion technology.

FôrTek has established production lines based on the equipment utilized by the present-day feed industry. This enables variation of process conditions and ingredients in the production of all kinds of fish and animal feed as well as pet food.

Except mentioned, the advantage for all our customers is the emphasis in high degree of flexibility in order to facilitate the testing of all different feed equipment and production conditions.  

For list of published research articles where FôrTek was involved click here or check animal feed science and technology journal.   

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The World map 2007

The World; 2007 Photo: Dejan Miladinovic


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