Research Area 3

The aim of RA3 is to generate new knowledge related to biological responses in organisms exposed to radiation that have implications for risk assessment and radioprotection of humans and the environment, to reduce the existing uncertainties. In this respect a major data-gap exists on effects following exposure of low doses and low dose rates of ionizing radiation to both humans and wildlife. Such effects cover apical endpoints like reproduction, embryonal development, behavior and cancer. The key research questions for are:

  • Why are some organisms and life-stages more sensitive to stressors than others?
  • How does the presence of other stressors, such as UV radiation, metals, changing temperature regimes etc., modify biological responses in organisms exposed to ionizing radiation?
  • What mechanisms underpin the observed effects such as oxidative stress, genotoxicity, transcription and epigenetic regulation?

RA3 is divided into three interlinked umbrella projects:

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