Gamma irradiation facility

UMB has had a gamma irradiation facility on campus since 1952. 

In 2003, a new facility for ecotoxicological experiments was added. Various EU research programmes have used it for chronic and sub-chronic exposure studies (e.g., of fish, mussels, earthworms). An extensive upgrade of the facility in 2012 made it possible to include exposure experiments with small rodents. An improved climate control system (temperature, light, humidity) was installed. 


The FIGARO facility was officially opened in December 2012, and the national animal research authority has given approval for research on a number of organisms, including rodents, fish, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, as well as genetically modified organism (GMO) vertebrates.

Gisle Bjørneby @ UMB

Published 16. December 2015 - 6:23 - Updated 23. June 2020 - 17:27