Radionuclides are released into the environment from various nuclear as well as non-nuclear sources. A major fraction of the released radionuclides exists as particles, ranging from sub-microns to fragments (uranium (U) and plutonium (Pu) are the best-known examples of these). The particles' characteristics may determine how ecosystem transfer, accumulation and effects in organisms are impacted. In RA1, we aim to improve the predictive power of impact assessment models by addressing the following key research questions:

  • How do release scenarios impact the source term; radionuclide and multiple stressor composition and speciation, in particular the nm - mm sized particle characteristics
  • What is the relevance of particle characteristics to air/water transport, deposition, ecosystem transfer and exposure models?
  • Can a common dose concept be developed for UV and ionizing radiation?

Research Area 1 comprises three umbrella projects:

Key publications

Published 17. June 2020 - 15:46 - Updated 22. October 2020 - 14:41