Travel and accommodation

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Travel and accommodation


There are limited housing opportunities in Ås. One could try Ås guesthouse which is 15-20 minutes walk from NMBU.

Otherwise, we suggest that people stay in Oslo (30 minutes train ride away from Ås), Ski (5 minutes train ride or 15-20 minutes bus ride from Ås) or Drøbak (25 minutes bus ride from Ås).

We expect that most people will prefer to stay in Oslo, but we offer Ski and Drøbak as an option to save time and money for transport back and forth to NMBU. Use, hotelopia or to find better deals, just make sure that the hotel in Oslo is close to either Oslo S / Jernbanetorget (Oslo Central Station) or Nationalteatret train station.

How to get here?

Oslo Airport to NMBU in Ås

There is a direct bus to Ås from the airport that leaves at 10 minutes past the hour, approximately every one to two hours (every two hours on Saturday) and takes 55 minutes. Bus F11 to Fredrikstad, leaving from outside arrivals. Ås/NMBU is the first stop: Korsegården.

Oslo Airport to Oslo

The airport express train from Oslo Airport to Oslo S leaves every 10 mins, takes ca 20 minutes and costs 180 kr. Tickets can be bought at the machines, or you can swipe a credit card at the gate. Time schedule for the Airport Express Train can be found here  

There are also three local trains, which can be used for travelling from the airport to Oslo: R11 (towards Skien/Larvik), L12 (towards Kongsberg) and R10 train (towards Drammen). Local trains are bit slower and less frequent, but cheaper (93 kr to Oslo), and you can buy a ticket straight through to Ås (113 kr). The departure boards will give you information on departure times. Tickets can be bought at the machines (credit card or cash payment) or at the ticket office (for a slight extra charge). More information can be found on

Oslo S to Ås

From Oslo S you take the train to Ås. These depart every hour at 18 minutes past the hour from platform 9 or 10 (the final destination of the train is Moss). The journey takes 29 minutes. 

From Ski to NMBU

There is a train from Ski towards Ås 42 past every hour. It only takes 5 minutes. There is also a bus (number 510 towards Drøbak/Seiersten/Frogn vgs) 17 and 47 past every hour (bus goes more often in rush hours). The bus stops at the NMBU campus (the stop is called Universitetet i Ås) and takes about 15-20 minutes.

Ås to NMBU

The university is a short walk from the train station. A map for walking is found here. One can also get the bus 510 towards Drøbak/Seiersten/Frogn vgs from the nearest bus stop (Ås vgs) and get off at the stop called Universitetet i Ås (see on the map). Isotope laboratory is in building number 16 on the NMBU campus map

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