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Visitor accommodation in Ås is limited. We can recommend Ås guesthouse, a 15-20 minutes walk from NMBU.

Alternatively, visitors may stay in Oslo (30 minutes by train), Ski (5 minutes by train or 15 minutes by bus) or Drøbak (25 minutes by bus). Use, hotelopia or to find good deals. For hotels in Oslo, make sure that they are close to train station Oslo S/Jernbanetorget or Nationalteatret.


Oslo Airport to Ås

There is a direct bus from the airport (Flybussen) that leaves at 10 minutes past the hour, approximately every hour (every two hours on Saturday) and takes about 55 minutes. This is bus F11 to Fredrikstad, leaving in front of the arrival hall. You will get out at the first stop Korsegården. Ask the bus driver to order a taxi from Korsegården busstop to Ås/NMBU. Alternatively, it is an easy 20 minute walk from Korsegården to NMBU.

Oslo Airport to Oslo

The airport express train (Flytoget) from Oslo Airport to Oslo S leaves every 10 minutes, and takes ca 20 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the machines, or you can swipe a credit card at the gate. Note: these tickets will only get you to Oslo S; you must buy a separate ticket Oslo to Ås.

Alternatively, there are local trains from the airport to Oslo: the R11 (towards Skien/Larvik), L12 (towards Kongsberg) and R10 train (towards Drammen). These are less frequent, but are half the price and you can buy a ticket straight from the airport to Ås. Tickets can be bought at machines, with credit card or cash payment. More information can be found on the Ruter website.

Oslo S to Ås

From Oslo S, take the L21 train to Ås (the final destination of the train is Moss). These depart every hour at 18 minutes past the hour from platform 9 or 10. The journey takes 29 minutes. You can plan your journey here.

From Ski to NMBU

The L21 train leaves Ski for Ås every hour at .42 and takes only 5 minutes. There is also a bus (510 towards Drøbak/Seiersten/Frogn vgs, every 10 minutes). The bus stops at the NMBU campus (the stop is called Universitetet i Ås). The journey takes about 20 minutes.

From Ås station to NMBU

The university is a short walk from the train station. A map for walking is found here. One can also get the bus 510 towards Drøbak/Seiersten/Frogn vgs from the nearest bus stop (Ås VGS) and get off at the stop called Universitetet i Ås (see on the map). The Isotope laboratory is in building number 16 on the NMBU campus map.

Published 12. May 2017 - 9:20 - Updated 24. November 2020 - 11:36