About us

What: The CERAD CoE is designed to perform long term fundamental research to substantially improve the ability to accurately assess the radiological risks from environmental radioactivity, also combined with other stressors. By focusing on key factors contributing to the overall uncertainties, CERAD will represent a state-of-the-art research foundation for the advancement of new tools and methods needed for the better assessment and management of those risks.

Objectives: CERAD’s core objective is to provide the scientific basis for impact and risk assessments which underpin management of radiation risks in combination with interacting stressors.   

The scope includes man-made and naturally occurring radionuclides in the environment that were released in the past (i.e., accidental and operational legacies), those presently released as well as those that potentially can be released in the future from the nuclear fuel cycle and non-nuclear industries.

The objectives of CERAD can only be achieved through the integration of national and internationally leading scientists to take part in the implementation of the Research Areas.


On photo on the top: CERAD Management Group. From left: Deputy director Per Strand, Research Director Deborah Oughton, Education Director Lindis Skipperud, Centre Director Brit Salbu

Published 30. September 2015 - 13:09 - Updated 23. June 2020 - 13:58