Research partners:


Scientific Contribution

Role in the Centre


Hydrotreating, Fermentation, Separation, Process Design, Tech. Econ. Evaluation, Combustion, Gasification, Liquefaction

Centre Leader, SP and WP leader


Pretreatment, Enzyme technology, Fermentation, Anaerobic digestion

Host institution, Admin. Leader, Education, SP and WP leader


Environment policy, Combustion, Chemical and Catalytic Conversion, End Use

Education, SP and WP leader


Liquefaction, Pretreatment

WP leader


Environment policy, Anaerobic digestion

Education, WP leader


Process design, Up-scaling

Education, WP leader


Anaerobic digestion

Research Partner

Public bodies:

Viken County, Trøndelag County, Innlandet County, Statens Vegvesen

Framing regulation and fostering industrial development

Industry, NGO's:

Norges Skogeierforbund (NO)


Norges Bondelag (NO)

Agri biomass

Renovasjons- og gjenvinningsetaten, Oslo kommune (NO)

Municipal solid waste

Zero (NO), NoBio (NO)


Equinor (NO)

Feed stock supply, value chains, co-processing

Statkraft (NO)

Combustion & Stationary energy

Biozin (NO), Johnson Matthey (UK), BTG-BTL (BE), Steeper (DK), Silva Green Fuel / Statkraft (NO)

Gasification & Pyrolysis

Biokraft AS (NO), Cambi (NO), Norske Skog Saugbrugs (NO)

Anerobic digestion and Biogas

Borregaard (NO), UMOE AS (NO), Novozymes (DK)

Biochemical conversion

Alginor (NO)

Value added Chemicals

Avinor (NO), Eco-1 (NO), Volvo GTT (SE), LOGE AB (SE)

End users

Herøya Industri Park (NO)

Piloting & Scale UP

Innovasjon Norge (NO), Enova (NO)

Innovation Funding agencies

International partners:

Johnson Matthey (UK), BTG-BTL (BE), Steeper (DK) Gasification & Pyrolysis
NeoZeo (SE) Anerobic digestion and Biogas
Novozymes (DK) Biochemical conversion
Volvo GTT (SE), LOGE AB (SE) End users


Published 29. August 2016 - 13:29 - Updated 30. September 2021 - 14:48