People at Bio4Fuels

The Bio4Fuels Centre is organised in four Sub Projects (SP) with three to five Work Packages (WP) in each.


Sub Project (SP) leaders

  • Francesco Cherubini, NTNU, leader of SP1 Bio-resource, Environment and Climate
  • Berta M. Güell, SINTEF, leader of SP2 Primary Biomass Conversion
  • Vincent Eijsink, NMBU, leader of SP3 Secondary Conversion and Upgrading
  • Bernd Wittgens, SINTEF Leader of SP4 Process design and End Use


Work Package (WP) leaders

  • Rasmus Astrup, NIBIO, leader of WP 1.1 Resources and Ecosystem processes
  • Francesco Cherubini, NTNU, leader of WP 1.2 Bio-Resources, Environment, Climate
  • Torjus Bolkesjø, NMBU, leader of WP 1.3 Energy, Fuels and Economics


  • Per Carlsson, SINTEF, leader of WP 2.1 Gasification
  • Kai Toven, RISE PFI, leader of WP 2.2 Pyrolysis
  • Judit Sandquist, NTNU, leader of WP 2.3 NTNU Hydrothermal Liquefaction
  • Øyvind Eriksen, RISE PFI, leader of WP 2.4 Pretreatment and Fractionation
  • Aniko Varnai, NMBU, leader of WP 2.5 Enzymatic Saccharification


  • Edd Blekkan, NTNU, leader of WP 3.1 Gas Conditioning
  • Roman Tschentscher, SINTEF, leader of WP 3.2 Thermochemical upgrading of bio oils
  • De Chen, NTNU, leader of WP 3.3 Chemo-catalytic conversion
  • Alexander Wentzel, SINTEF, leader of WP 3.4 Fermentation
  • Tormod Briseid, NIBIO, leader of WP 3.5 Anaerobic digestion and gas upgrading


  • Heinz Preisig, NTNU, leader of WP 4.1 Modelling Tool for Biorefineries
  • Bernd Wittgens, SINTEF, leader of WP 4.2 Techno-Economic Evaluation and Scale of Economy
  • Klaus Jens, USN, leader of WP 4.3 Preparing for piloting and up-scale
  • Terese Løvås, NTNU, leader of WP 4.4 Product quality and End Use


International Advisory Group

  • Kristiina Kruus, VTT, Finland
  • Patricia Thornley, The University of Manchester, England
  • David Dayton, RTI, USA
Published 29. August 2016 - 13:29 - Updated 21. November 2018 - 12:20