Centre governance

This is the governance structure for the Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy, Bio4fuels:

Centre Governance



The Bio4Fuels Organisation

The Bio4Fuels Organisation

Duncan Akporiaye

The General Assembly (GA) is the main decision body with representation of all research and industry partners.

The Centre Board (CB) is chaired by an industry partner and provide oversight of the management of the Centre with representatives from industry and research partners appointed by the GA. The Bio4Fuels Board consists of:

Represented Role Candidate
Ingo Machenbach Chair of the Board Silva Green Fuel
Tyra Marie Risnes Representing Stakeholders Østfold County Council
Per Gunnar Skorge Representing Resource partners Norsk Skogeierforbund
Arve Holt R&D Partner ife*
Kine Svensson Representing Technology partners CAMBI
Petter Røkke Centre Leader Institute SINTEF
Ågot Aakra Host Institute NMBU
Terese Løvås R&D Partner NTNU
Jens Ulltveit-Moe Representing Industry UMOE AS
Per Arne Karlsen Observer Research Council of Norway
Duncan Akporiaye Secretary Centre Leader

*Rotating member

The Centre Management comprises the Centre Leader, Professor Duncan Akporiaye, SINTEF MK and the deputy leader, Prof. Svein Jarle Horn, Industrial Liaison Responsible Odd Jarle Skjelhaugen, NMBU and the Centre administrative manager, Dr. Janne Beate Utåker, NMBU and Communications Advisor Bente Paulson, NMBU. Together the Centre Management unifies the major locations of research within Biofuels and Bioenergy.

The Centre management will build on the experience of the existing CenBio FME, ensuring smooth daily operations and interactions between the Centre’s key industrial, agricultural, forestry and educational partners and international advisory committee.

The Research Activities are structures as four primary Subprojects (SPs), coordinated by SP leaders. Each subprojects comprises Work Packages (WP) relating to research linked to the main focus areas of the value chain.

The Technical Committee consists of all WP leaders to ensure scientific quality and opportunities for integretation across the Centres activities.

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