Meet the SoDoc Board Members!

Zoe Fretheim-Kelly

I have 2 positions on the board in 2017. As the Academic committee representative and I also sit on the Universities ethics committee as the PhD student’s representative.  

Erik Paulshus

Erik Paulshus

I am the SoDoC Campus Adamstuen committee leader. My role is to be a link between the PhD and (recently) Postdoc students of Adamstua, and organize the local SoDoC board (meetings, PhD events) on the veterinary campus with good help from the other board members.


Kevin R. Kaushal

Primary FU (Research committee) and Treasurer since January 2018

Sérgio Rocha

I am the web master of SoDoC for the second year. Well, to be honest I am just an enthusiastic of technology and my programming/web designing skills are below basic. I was also part of SoDoC board 2 years ago as NOVA representative.  “Web master” is a way to learn something new and contribute for SoDoC to reach the PhD and Postdoc students’ interests. I am also the representative in the Equality and Inclusivness Committee.


Nikoline Hambro Dybsand

I am one of the SoDoC  Primary representatives at the Research Committee (FU)

Sabina Sibcic

Sabina Sibcic

I am NOVA representative. NOVA is a university cooperation aimed at supporting the understanding of major global challenges in a Nordic context. Its main task is to initiate, administer, promote and financially support cooperation between the Nordic universities in postgraduate education.


Abhilash Nair

I am the SiN representative of SoDoC. SiN (Stipendiatorganisasjonene I Norge) is a joint committee of local organizations for doctoral candidates and post doctors at universities in Norway.

Hannah Harrison

Hannah Harrison

I am the leader of SoDoC for 2017. My job is to work with the SoDoC board to direct the work of the organization. My main interests this year are to help establish SoDoC as an organization at NMBU dedicated to the interests and well-being of PhD and Postdoc students.

Mengesteab Hailu Ubuy

I am from Ethiopia and I am an Ad-hoc Board member

Rajesh Joshi

Rajesh Joshi


I represent SiN from the SoDoc board. SiN is the association of Doctoral Organisations in Norway ( and I serve as the vice-president in SiN.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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