SoDoC Board

In 2023, the board consists of:

Leader / President : Olga Mikhailova and Yahwant Singh Yadav
Academic Committee : Harkingto Giam
Social Committee : Tomasz Mroz and Aqeel Ahmad (Deputy)
Secretary  : Arjun Sham Valiyaveetil Shamgopal
Treasurer : Melcy Philip
Webmaster : Mandeep Poudel
FU (Research committee) : Nikolai Bøgseth Aunbakk and Ragnhild Sødal Gjennestad , Rasa Holen  (Deputy)
SU (Study committee) : Crystal Turnbull and Magnus Merkle (Deputy)
NOVA : Niranjana Sudheer and Mandeep Poudel (Deputy)
Ethics committee representative : Jesper Frausig 
Equality and Inclusiveness Committee : Maria Åsnes Moan and Yashwant Singh Yadav
Post-Doc Member: Gabriela Schröder


If you have any comments or issues you want to raise, please do not hesitate to send us an email or come to the next board meeting.

Published 15. February 2018 - 15:00 - Updated 14. April 2023 - 14:53