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Global Health Inspiration Days 2017

Global Health Inspiration Day 2017

13-14th of November
Global Health Inspiration Days: panels, seminars, and workshops on a broad range of global health topics.

Celebrate the darkness

Lets Celebrate the darkness!

Suffering from the increasing darkenss already? If so, you're not the only one. And as the good old saying goes - if you can't beat it, celebrate it! 

So let's get together on the 2nd of December and party the darkness away!!!
Registration is now open

SODOC board meeting

November SODOC Board Meeting

SoDoC will have its next board meeting and ALL members are welcome!

7th November
Økonomibygningen, Gult rom, Ås Campus


SNL forteller om formidlingsmulighetene de tilbyr

Info only in Norwegian!

NMBU vil gjerne invitere til en samling hvor Store Norske Leksikon forteller om formidlingsmulighetene de tilbyr.

new course

1st Annual SoDoC Writing Week


Session #7: Kappe Writing Workshop

Learn how to structure, writing, and prepare the kappe for your PhD dissertation in this hands-on workshop!

sodoc meeting

October Board Meeting

SoDoC will have its next board meeting and ALL members are welcome!

12th October, 18:00
Yellow Room, Ås


SoDoC Writing Week

SoDoC is hosting NMBU's 1st Writing Week for Graduate and Postgraduate Students!

cabin trip

SoDoC goes to the mountains - 2017 edition!

The (soon) annual SoDoC cabin trip is coming up!

Registration deadline is the 25nd of September!

facebook event here

december party

December Dinner Party!

Let's Celebrate the Darkness

Save the date: 2nd of December


Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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