Career development for PhD, postdoc and young researchers

Career development

What is career development?

Career development is about how a person thougout his/ her professional life acquires different qualities and competencies to develop his/ her own career in a certain direction. It is important to think through which direction to go after graduating and during one’s own working life. As a PhD candidate and postdoctoral fellow, you learn the craft of researching. After graduating, some candidates want to continue their careers in academia, while others want to work in a business or in the public sector. The direction you want to apply for after completing your education will often influence the choices you make in relation to the qualities and competencies you want to develop and acquire.

Your supervisor or other colleagues will be good discussion partners related to your career development.

The NMBU Talent Program

NMBU focuses on young talents who have the potential, willingness and desire to develop as researchers, supervisors and innovators through NMBU Talent Program 2.0 – “Research Talents for Sustainability”. The programme is a two-year scheme and the next call for talents will be year 2022/2023. Read about the program and the present participants (2021-2022).

Courses for your general skills/ transferrable skills

NMBU offers various courses for PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and other staff to develop their generic skills. Find out more on web page that lists generic courses; about the academic writing services, the project management courses, presentation techniques skills courses, data management courses and more.

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is tailored information for career development. The information is linked to four domains covering the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of researchers a researcher should acquire during his career. Within each of the domains there are subdomains and associated descriptions. Read more about The Vitae Researcher Development Framework. NMBU is not on the list of organisation members, however, the information on this web page may be of good use anyway (cv, career management etc.).

Career development

Unsure about how to start your own career? Or are you getting closer to the end of a degree and want to land the dream job? To become even more confident in the choices you make during your education or in the transition between education and work, it can be useful to talk to a someone from your research field or your supervisor.

Informasjon om karriereutvikling ved NMBU (in Norwegian)


The Young Talents event

In connection with the annual Oslo Life Science Conference, NMBU and UiO collaborate on the networking event Young Talents. The target group of the event is PhD candidates and master's students, and is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: people from companies, the public sector or organizations gives talks about their career history and choices they have made along the career path. In addition, information is also provided about qualities and skills that are important to these employers.
  • Part 2: a network session to enable the participants to talk 1-to-1 with several pre-selected companies. It is a great opportunity to find out if this is the company for you to work for, and also if there are any particular skills you should focus on developing.

The Business Committee/ Næringslivutvalget (NU)

The Business Committee/ Næringslivutvalget at NMBU is the link between NMBU's students and the business community. NU is a body within the Student Society in Ås, and represents all the students at NMBU. NU works to make students familiar with companies and vice versa; make companies familiar with students at NMBU. We do this by organising, among other things, a career day and business day, in addition to other career-oriented events.

The career day takes place in the autumn and is the largest career event at NMBU. NU also works to coordinate stand activities and sponsor contact at the Student Society. The board of the Business Committee consists of six board members with voting rights and an incoming career day manager.

Tools for Career planning

Follows are a few career planners and tips (amongst others):

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