Quota students

Quota Scheme
"The Norwegian government provides students from developing countries in the South and countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia with financial support to study for a degree in Norway under the Quota Scheme."

The Norwegian Education Loan Fund (Lånekassen) is responsible for disbursing stipend payments to Quota students. At NMBU Quota scholarships are awarded at the doctoral level, and no scholarships are awarded for bachelor or master students. 

Application instructions for stipend payments -  academic year 2015 - 2016

NOTE: These instructions are only for those ph.d. candidates who have already been awarded a Quota scholarship place at NMBU. 

Quota students must renew their funding application with Lånekassen each academic year. There are no paper applications. Everything will be done on the internet.

If you do not have your Min ID-codes, you will need to order these before you can apply and this will add processing time. 

Travel claims for Quota students 

All travel claims should be submitted to the Quota coordinator at the Student Information Office.  Flight booking or plane tickets must accompany all submitted applications. Download the form here

Field work: All students going on fieldwork should also submit a brief statement on the content of the fieldwork. This statement should be signed by the supervisor and the student. Field work applications for less than 4 weeks will not be accepted.

Summer holiday: As a general rule, Lånekassen will cover travel expense for one annual trip home during the summer months, if you have not been on fieldwork the semester prior, or do not plan on going for fieldwork the semester after.

Rates for travel support vary depending on your home country. 

Delays during your studies

For doctoral candidates, the normal study plan covers 6 semesters. A maximum one-year extension can be granted on a month-for-month basis for documented fieldwork in the home country. If a student proves unable - for academic or personal reasons - to finish within this deadline, extension of support for one or two additional semesters may be applied for. The application must be supported by the faculty and submitted to the Student Information Centre for further action.

Delays beyond 2 semesters will not be accepted. Students will then lose their place in the Quota Scheme, and cannot expect an extension of their residence permit. The maximum delay allowed in a three-year (four-year with one year of documented fieldwork in the home country) doctoral programme is 2 semesters. Documented illness (up to 12 months) and leave of absence due to child birth (about 10 months) may be considered separately. However, support from the Quota scheme cannot exceed beyond two additional semesters no matter the reason for delay.

Procedures and deadlines for extension application
If the student has been delayed for reasons other than child birth or illness, the student and the supervisor should jointly submit a letter to the institute leader for approval. The letter should document the reasons for the delay. If the institute leader approves the application, it can then be forwarded to the Quota coordinator at the Student Information Centre. 

All applications should be submitted as early as possible and not later than 1 April in the spring semester and 1 October in the autumn semester for a delay covering (part of) the following semester. Since the number of study places financed by the Quota Scheme is limited, extension applications submitted later than these dates will cause conflicts with the admission of new students.

Published 28. January 2015 - 9:42 - Updated 16. July 2018 - 10:18