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Info meeting

Service: Information meeting for new PhD candidates, 7 March 2019

All new PhD candidates and their supervisors are encouraged to join the information meeting, by registration. The meeting will answer many questions related to the PhD education at NMBU. The full article text shows the content of the meeting.

Info meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for all new PhD candidates (and also for those who are not so new if they would like to join) to get condensed information and to be introduced to representatives from the Library, HR Department, the Student Information Centre, the Writing Centre, the Society of Doctoral Candidates "SoDoC" and the Research Support Office.

The programme will include:

  • Overview on NMBU PhD programmes, regulations, web pages, contacts
  • Rights and duties as PhD student (candidate) / employee
  • Frequently asked questions at Student Information Centre (SIT)
  • Plan your research, data handling, writing and publicising
  • Plan your education - courses, research schools, international mobility, conferences
  • Plan your career
  • Academic writing skills
  • The University Library services
  • The Society of Doctoral candidates at NMBU (SoDoC)
  • Practical everyday ethics
  • Ownership of research results and some other legal issues to consider as a PhD

Registration prior to the meeting:
All participants have to register to the meeting, please see link to the right.

A light lunch will be served from 12:00 to those who are registered for the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,
Research Support Office


Information meeting for recently admitted PhD candidates



Expectations between candidates and supervisors


Plan for the meeting (presentations will be linked to the plan after the meeting)




Kari Moxnes, 
Research Support Office

Overview on NMBU PhD programmes,   regulations, web pages, contacts

Kari Moxnes, 
Research Support Office  

Rights and duties as a PhD fellow

Turid Indrebø,
   Human Resources

Frequently asked questions at the Student information centre (SiT)

Vilma Bischof, 
Student Information Centre (SiT)

Plan your research

Solveig Fossum-Raunehaug, 
Research Support Office

Short break and refreshments


Plan your education

Kari Moxnes, 
Research Support Office

Academic writing for PhDs

Hedvig Hoel Bjørge,
The Writing Centre

The University Library services

Linn Benjaminsen Hølvold,
University Library

SoDoC, Society of Doctoral candidates at NMBU

Sara Gaber Mohamed, 

Plan your career

Kari Moxnes, 
Research Support Office

Ownership of research results and some other legal issues to consider as a PhD

Mari Augensen,
Research Support Office

Everyday ethics for PhDs

Trine Isaksen,
Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science

Light lunch

Will be served in "Rosehagen", next to the meeting room



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Student Information Centre:
Writing Centre:
University Library:
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