Industrial and public PhD

Improving the business

For many companies it is a boost to the business when an employee pursues a PhD degree. The Industrial and public PhD scheme are ordinary PhD degrees and will have the same scientific quality level as a traditional PhD degree.

An Industrial PhD will improve interaction between companies and research institutions, increase research activity in industry and develop researchers with knowledge that is relevant to their industry.

A public PhD will improve interaction between public institutions and research institutions, make room for more research in the public sector and educate researchers with knowledge relevant for public institutions.

All three parties will benefit from the arrangement:

  • The candidate gets a doctoral degree and relevant work experience
  • The company or the public institution gets new competence and strengthened contact with academia
  • Higher education research institution gets new knowledge and contact with companies and public institutions

Companies or public institutions with a PhD agreement may receive a yearly sum of max 50 % of the current PhD candidate rate for three years. It is given as project support to the company and not as a personal grant to the employee. The employee must have admission on an ordinary PhD education programme. The Industrial and public sector PhD are seen as complementary to other arrangements with the Norwegian Research Council. The arrangement may be a good alternativ for companies and public sector institutions that seek to strengthen its research, but lack resources to participate in large projects.


Published 15. January 2018 - 11:30 - Updated 15. January 2018 - 11:30