Health and working environment


Everyone living in Norway is entitled to essential medical and care services.

All international students staying in Norway for more than 12 months have the right to register with a GP - called a fastlege in Norway.
You will need your personal Norwegian ID-number before you can register with a GP.

Don't worry: you can still see a doctor even if you don't have your ID-number.

To apply for, or change your GP (follow this link, info in English)

Contact info for Doctors in Ås (follow this link, in Norwegian)

Work environment

NMBU Human Resource Department and all employees has shared responsibility for the focus on a good psychosocial work environment. In additon, the occupational health service Avonova (previously called Stamina Helse BHT) and Nav arbeidslivssenter offers supporting services and activities.

Who can you talk to at your faculty?

PhD candidates have two primary points of contact: 1. your main supervisor, and 2. the leader with personnel responsibility for your employment. If you really struggle it is important that your leader knows about it, and it is important that you have someone you can talk to. It could be the person with personnel responsibility for you, someone who works with the coordination of Human Resource activities, or someone you like to talk to at the faculty.

Services from the Human Resource Department (PoA)

The Human Resources Department (PoA) offers coaching and supportive talks during your study. Contact Gro Holter,, for information and appointments.
PoA offers a variety of courses and seminars, to be investigated through (Norwegian pages).

The occupational health service offers

  • Courses in stress management and other courses on demand.
    Arranged at one faculty or for NMBU as a whole.
  • Conversation therapist or psychologist - acute bookings only. Contact to book an appointment with health personnel who have been educated for conversation therapy/ guidance/ coaching with the occupational health service.
  • Physiotherapist - workplace assessment and prevention of health problems.
    Contact the faculty administration, e.g. the PhD contact person. 

Incident reporting

There is a system in place at NMBU to be used if there are severe incidents (in case of crime, bullying, conflicts, sexual harassment or other critical matters): Speak up

Physical training activities for NMBU employees

  • Free of charge training for employees at the EIKA Sport Center every Wednesday 15:00-16:00. Bring your NMBU access card!
  • Membership and various physical training activities (in groups or on your own) at EIKA Sport Center.
  • NMBU-BIL membership (NOK 200 per year) - the NMBU-Employee sports team offering team sport activities like pilates, climbing, shooting, running, floorball, cycling and soccer to employees, including all PhD candidates.
    Would you like to become a member? Would you like to create a group for a new activity?
    Contact us at!

Health center for youth and students:

  • Where: Rådhusplassen 29, Ås
  • This service is available to young people aged 13-25 and students at NMBU.
    There is no age limit for NMBU students, but the service is not targeted towards employed PhD candidates.
  • Everything is free and you can drop in during opening hours.
  • Doctor appointments should be booked in advance.
  • At the Health Centre you will find a nurse, midwife, doctor, environmental therapist and psychologist.

PhD candidates’ rights and duties in case of absence due to illness

The same rights and duties in case of absence due to illness apply for Postdoctoral Fellows and PhD candidates as for other NMBU employees. You may find the routines for sick leave in the Health – Sickness in the Personnel Handbook, information text will pop up when selecting headings and boxes in the information flow. NMBU have entered into the Inclusive Workplace Agreement.

Absence for more than two coherent weeks are described in the Regulations on terms of employment for positions such as postdoctoral fellow, research fellow, research assistant and specialist candidate (link to Lovdata in Norwegian)  Section 2-3.

More information about interruptions and extensions during the contract period may be found in the PhD regulations Section 6-2 Contract period, and the parts that explains the topic in your PhD contract.

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