Forms - PhD education at NMBU

Forms are available as Word documents, digital forms ("Nettskjema") or e-mail templates (zip-files). Zip-files must be extracted before use.

Questions? Please contact the PhD coordinator at your faculty, or send an e-mail to the Research Support Office.

Forms for PhD candidates:

1. Application and admission

PhD fellow at NMBU

Admission to one of NMBU's PhD programmes will be handled in connection with employment in a PhD fellow position. The faculty may, when necessary, request the NMBU 1.1 Application for admission to be completed and sent to the faculty.

External PhD candidates

If you are employed at an external institution/ establishment you must apply to the relevant faculty for admission into a PhD programme. You must send the NMBU 1.1 Application for admission  to the faculty, at the latest within two months after the start date for the PhD education. More information on this web page.

2. PhD contract and education plan

3. Collaboration supervisor and candidate

4. Data Management Plan

5. Progress reporting

Use your faculty’s form:

6. Changes to the contract period, the supervisory team or the required coursework

If you need to make changes to the contract period (for example due to delays), the supervisory team or the education plan/ required coursework, please fill in the form 2.2 PhD changes. More information is to be found on this web page Research work, courses and seminars.

7. The required coursework

8. Writing the thesis

9. Finalization of thesis

10. Doctoral degree examination

Forms for staff:

1. Collaboration supervisor and candidate

2. Compulsory seminars (start, midway- and final seminar)

Assessment of the midway seminar. Use your faculty’s digital form:

3. The required coursework

4. Appointment of evaluation committee 

5. Evaluation of the thesis

The evaluation committee must submit its recommendation to the faculty no later than 25 working days before the planned date of the public defence. The faculty decides on the basis of the assessment committee's recommendation.

NMBU 4.4 Assessment of the thesis - a word document applicable for all NMBU faculties.

Alternatively you may select the digital form at your faculty to submit the recommendation: Guidelines for assessment of the PhD thesis:

6. Evaluation of trial lecture and public defence

The 3 forms are developed to accommodate whether the trial lecture is held in connection with (the day before or on the same day as) the public defence, or at an earlier time. 

E-mail template info

The e-mail templates are accessible from the list above, as zip files. Clicking on the link will download the zip tile to your computer, and you have to “Extract” the file before using the template.

Once the template has been extracted you can double click to open it in your e-mail programme or app. You will now be able to:

  • add recipient(s)
  • copy the heading in the form/ name of form (e.g. “NMBU 3.2 Application …”) as the e-mail subject
  • type the requested form information
  • add any attachements
  • send the e-mail

Are you at the moment not able to complete the content? Send the e-mail to yourself (temporarily instead of sending it to the intended recipient) and finish it later, from your inbox.

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