When ordering from Andvord, use this form.

If you useone of the other printer companies below you must provide the following information in the email:

  • Your name
  • Thesis title in English and Norwegian (use capital letters, small letters and italics to show where you want them). Titles of theses from the VET are in one language only.
  • Thesis no., ISSN and ISBN no.
  • English name of the degree ”Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)”
  • English name of the faculty
  • How many sheets of paper altogether (1 sheet = 2 pages) there are in the thesis. Remember to include dividers.
  • If you are going to have more logos on the back cover than the NMBU logo, you must send a good-quality reproduction of the logo and the address (jpeg, tiff or eps).

Request a pdf of the front page to review also the front page. Make sure everything is in English, that the name of the degree is spelled correctly Philosophiae Doctor (PhD), that the title is correctly spelled in both English and Norwegian.

Attach the thesis as a pdf file to the email.

The thesis will be printed in 17x24 format, but the pdf file you send might be in A4 format. Request a pdf of the front page for proofreading. Check that everything is written in English and that the name of the degree is written correctly: Philosophiae Doctor (PhD). Also check that the title is written correctly in both languages and that there is no full stop in the title.

Payment for printing

The proportion of the printing costs covered by the faculties varies. Contact your faculty to find out how much they will cover and the payment information you must give to the printer’s.

The main printer agreement is with Andvord Grafisk AS. Check out the agreement list from the purchasing department (internal page) for alternative printers to be used for back-up, if Andvord Grafisk may not be able to supply i.e. as result of high season or other.

Format for the print version and fonts

The thesis size is 17x24 cm. You can define the format as 17x24 yourself before you convert the thesis to pdf, or you can ask the printer to do this for you. Whilst writing the fonts below may look very large, however that the print version of your Thesis will be reduced to approximately 66 % the font sizes will look appropriate for the end product. Check out this demo example.

Font: Body (main) text and headings:

We recommend that the fonts Arial (for headings) and Cambria (for Body text) are used and 1,5 line spacing.

The fonts may be defined as follows:

Title 1: 24-28 points
Heading 1: 16-18 points
Heading 2: one size up from the Body text (e.g. 14 points should your Body text be a 12 point font)

Body text: 12 points, alternatively size 10-12 point may be used.

Pictures and figures

All pictures and figures must be with as high resolution as possible, so that they may be printed with good quality. Rework for the printer company caused by poor picture quality will be charged.


You decide the width of the margins yourself, but note that 2-3 mms are used in the binding process depending on how thick the thesis is. If you want the inner and outer margins to be the same, you must therefore take this into account by making the inner margin somewhat wider. For example, the margins adapted to A4 can be fixed as follows:

Upper – 2.5 cm, lower – 2.5 cm, outer – 2.5 cm, inner – 2.8 cm
When this is scaled down to the 17x24 format, the 2.5 cm becomes approximately 2 cm.



Title   page

Right-hand   side


Colophon   page

Left-hand   side


Any   dedications, quotes, motto

Right-hand   side, blank page on the reverse


Table   of contents

Right-hand   side plus following left-hand side


Any   preface and introduction

Start   on the right, remember the blank page on the reverse if this part ends on the   right


The   actual text

Starts   on the right


Lists,   references

Consecutive,   with a blank page on the reverse if this part ends on the right


Any   appendices

Start   on the right

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