Application & admission

Prerequisites for entering a PhD programme

  • Full funding of the program  period: It is not possible to apply for the PhD education without being able to secure and document full funding for the entire period of admission. Therefore, most applicants to a PhD programme at NMBU, first apply for a position as a research fellow (within a relevant discipline/field). The best option is to look for vacant research fellow positions at:
  • Supervisor at NMBU: It is not possible to apply for the PhD education without having a supervisor employed at NMBU. 

Qualification requirements

In order to be admitted as a candidate to the PhD programmes at NMBU, applicants must have an academically relevant education corresponding to a five-year Norwegian degree programme. A master’s degree that awards at least 120 credits is required, or a degree or another relevant five-year programme of professional study in which at least 120 credits are at master’s degree level. 

As described above, admission to a PhD programme is also dependent on the candidate being able to document full funding for the entire period of admission. Funding can be arranged by employment as a doctoral research fellow at NMBU, by employment at NMBU-cooperating research institutions, by funding from the Research Council of Norway, from public or private organisations, or from the corporate sector. 


Application for admission to PhD programmes at NMBU is made on FORM 1.1.1. 

FORM 1.1.1 must be submitted at the latest two months after the start-up date.

The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • certified copy of original master’s degree  diploma, other degree diploma or the equivalent
  • project outline with a plan for the research work (1-3 pages)
  • documentation of English language proficiency, cf. section 5.2 of the PhD regulations
  • documented access to the required infrastructure for implementation of the research project and, if relevant, an agreement with an external party on this
  • a request to use a language other than English or Norwegian in the thesis if relevant
  • a proposal for a supervisory team and indication of affiliation to an active research community     
  • any plans for a stay at another institution
  • an overview of sources of funding and if relevant, any agreement on external funding
  • proof of citizenship / passport

The following documents are attached to the application if relevant:

  • For education undertaken abroad: assessment of the education from NOKUT – the Norwegian Competence Centre for Foreign Education
  • For education undertaken  abroad: an official description of the grade system from the institution at which the education was completed.

PhD contract and education plan

Admission to one of the university’s PhD progammes is formalised by a written contract signed by the PhD candidate, his/her supervisors, the department and any external party (FORM 1.1.2). The PhD candidate shall have an individual education plan (FORM 1.1.3).

FORM 1.1.2 and FORM 1.1.3 can be submitted along with FORM 1.1.1, or at the latest six months after the start-up date.

The contract governs the parties’ rights and obligations during the admission period (the contract period). If you are employed as a doctoral research fellow at NMBU, you must sign a separate employment contract with the university.

The education plan shall contain a schedule for the progress of the PhD project and the required course work. In accordance with more detailed specifications from the faculty, the required course work shall include courses at PhD or master’s degree level equivalent to 30-60 credits (ECTS). A course in research ethics and the philosophy of science giving a minimum of 5 credits shall be included in the required course work. Elements that form part of the required course work cannot be older than two years on the start-up date. Together with the work on the thesis, the required course work must be such that it provides the necessary academic breadth and specialisation.

Employment as a doctoral research fellow at NMBU

Employment as a doctoral research fellow at the university does not mean that you are automatically admitted to a PhD programme. Employment and admission are two parallel processes that must be applied for separately, but they will, as far as possible, be coordinated at the faculty where admission is sought.

Collaboration with an external party

  1. If you are receiving funding from an external party (i.e. an institution that does not confer degrees, such as the Research Council of Norway, a business company, the public sector and the like), or are employed at or receive other  contributions from such an institution, the external party must be  involved when you set up the NMBU "PhD contract". Additional  points can be included as an enclosure to the PhD contract. Questions can be addressed to Legal Advisor
  2. If you are to complete your PhD education in collaboration with another institution that is empowered to confer doctoral degrees (a university or a university college), the share of responsibility, and cooperation, must be regulated through a cotutelle agreement FORM 1.2. Please note that the cotutelle agreement comes in addition to your NMBU PhD contract.
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