spreadsheets for gas kinetics

version august 2020 click here  (or find it further down on the page...)


You may find it useful to wathch our instruction videos for KINCALC.

The first four are uploaded; more will follow.  

Video 1: basic functions, and how to import data:

KINCALC introduction: import of data, structure and the way it works

Video 2: how to calibrate and to set the right sampling volume and leaks per injection

KINCALC video 2: calibration


Video 3: extending the sheet for long lasting experiments, and how to make new variables

KINCALC video 3: extension and the making of new variables


Video 4: inspect your data, spot problems (anomalies), and cure them. Finally some comments on problems with escalating leakage in standard vials. 


KINCALC video 4: Inspection and curing





once again: here is a downloadble version of the spreadsheet

KINCALC spreadsheet


The spreadsheet is free for anyone to use.  



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