• The MEMO group is part of a new EU H2020 project aiming to better understand microbiomes of the ruminant holobiont. See HERE


  • The MEMO group is part of a new EU H2020 project aiming to improve animal production: Unraveling the animal-microbe interplay at the microscale. See HERE


  • As we all adapt with COVID life and online conferences, we will try and paste links from our recent attempts of "home-office keynotes".
    1.  A summary of our recent efforts to use animal dietary trials, carbohydrate analytics, multi-omics and biochemistry to visualize and improve our understanding of microbiota-direct fibre and gut digestion: See HERE


  • We were recently co-authored an article in Scientific American "The Suprising Complexity of Nurturing a Healthy Gut". This was part of a "pilot" with Nature Publishing Group to trial the use of a new service that offers popular science articles derived from recent NPG papers.


  • We are part of a successful H2020 application called "PRODIGIO": Developing early-warning systems for improved microalgae PROduction and anaerobic DIGestIOn. Magnus Arntzen and Live Hagen will use our omic capabilites to explore process monitoring and failure in bioreactors 



  • Magnus Arntzen has published a new blog post looking at using Galaxy to integrate multi-omic datasets. See HERE


  • Live Hagen has been awarded an 8 mNOK Young Research Talent Researcher project from NFR!  "SeaCow: Promoting efficient, low emitting cows through manipulation of the rumen microbiome". Bessy gonna eat seaweed!


  • ImprovAFish is funded! Our ~19.5 mNOK BlueBio CoFund (ERA-Net) project: “Improving aquaculture sustainability by modulating the feed-microbiome-host axis in Fish”


  • We have just been awarded a new grant! A 5yr, ~13.5 mNOK Ascending Investigator Fellowship from the Novo Nordisk Fonden, called: SuPA[cow]: Sustainable production of animals by optimizing the feed-microbiome-host axis




  • "Bakterier og virus hjelper elgen å fordøye kvist og bark" Read the article here


  • Nature Microbiology "Behind the paper": Uncovering microbial interactions with a network of scientist


  • Sabina Leanti La Rosa took out the best poster prize at the 2018 ROWETT-INRA Conference!


  • "Newly discovered bacteria can break down biomass" Read the Phys.orgarticle here or the Renewable Energy Magazine article here
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