About the research group

The BIAS group at KBM conducts research in the exciting and rapidly evolving scientific borderland between bioinformatics and applied statistics.
Our research areas include metacognition and teaching statistics, microbial genomics, network-based genomics, statistical methods in forensic genetics, and systems biology.

We collaborate with various partners and institutes, both within Norway and internationally.

Group leader is professor Torgeir Rhoden Hvidsten.

  • We offer a Master's programme in Bioinformatics and applied statistics.

    Why study within BIAS? In today's world we have an explosion of data. We are generating more and more data, on an order never seen before, and this data is increasingly unstructured. This means that there is a growing need for people who can interpret and analyze large datasets.

    Bioinformatics and applied statistics are necessary to systematize, interpret, and analyze large quantities of data. Bioinformatics combines the mathematical and biological disciplines, in order to focus on biological questions. Applied statistics emphasizes the mathematical and statistical disciplines, and looks at analytical methods.

  • The BIAS research group provides data analysis support in most fields of the life sciences, natural sciences and biosciences.

    The service is available to all students and staff at NMBU through the NMBU biostatistics advising service.

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