International funding

  • DIKU: global academic collaboration programmes.
  • ESF - European Science Foundation 
  • Eurocores - European Collaborative Research Scheme.
  • EEA grants: funding for collaboration with 16 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics.
  • HFSP - The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP): an international program of research support, funding frontier research on the complex mechanisms of living organisms. Research is funded at all levels of biological complexity from biomolecules to the interactions between organisms.
  • EMBO: funding research in life sciences.
  • Norwegian Centennial Chair (NOOC) programme: funding for research collaboration with the University of Minnesota, together or without the University of Oslo.
  • NORFACE: New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe.
  • NordForsk: provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure. See also Nordic Centre of Excellence funding.
  • Nordic Cooperation: various funding possibilities.
  • The Peder Sather Grant programme: academic collaboration with the University of California - Berkeley, two-year grants.
  • The Research Council of Norway: various funding possibilities, incl. support of collaboration with countries under the Norwegian government's Panorama strategy.
  • Åsgard programme: funding for visiting researchers to or from France (max. kr 15,000); coordinated through the French embassy.
  • Aurora programme: provides funding for the mobility of French and Norwegian researchers in the framework of bilateral research projects, selected jointly by the two countries. 


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