Internal funding for international leave

NMBU has internal funding for international leave for academic staff on sabbatical, for PhD candidates and Postdoctoral fellows in NMBU’s recruitment positions, and for residents. 

Internal funding

The announcement comes annually in the fall semester (October/ November). There is about 3 million NOK available yearly. Funding is dependent on budgetary decisions. 

1. International leave for academic staff on sabbatical.

2. International leave for PhD candidates and Postdoctoral fellows in NMBU’s recruitment positions ("KD stipendiat") and residents.


Living expenses:

16 000 NOK per month for singles
31 000 NOK per month for family

Travel expenses:

Nordic countries - 2 000 NOK 
Europe - 5 000 NOK 
USA - 10 000 NOK 
Countries outside Europe / USA - 15 000 NOK 


What to do after your return to Norway?

Final report:

The final report should be filled inn electonically and sent to within one month after your return to Norway.

Please indicate the e-mail with "Final report international leave, your name and your faculty". 

Final disbursement form:

The final disbursement form and original receipts should be sent to Kirsten Ranheim Berg within one month after your return to Norway.


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