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Research Data - guidelines and policies

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is compliant to the principle “Open as standard” – for research data generated in projects financed through public money. Read more about NMBU guidelines and guidelines laid down by the Research Council of Norway and the Ministry of Research and Education.


Storage and deposit of research data

Research data generated in ongoing projects must be stored on NMBU server or other approved platforms. Research data upon which scientific publications is based must be archived in national or international archives and made available where possible. 

NMBU's students and researchers can now deposit their research data in the archive "NMBU Open Research Data". Read more about storage and archiving research data here.



Data Management Plans and data management

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document describing how research data will be stored, archived and shared (if possible) both during the lifetime of a project and after the project has ended. The Data Management Plan must be compliant with the FAIR principles.

sensitive data

Managing sensitive research data

Some research projects may have requirements that will be to have specifically secure storage of research data, or management of data that will be influenced by the Privacy Act.

Fair kort

The FAIR principles

FAIR is an acronym for the words findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Research data must be available, and able to be refound and reused.

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