Honorary doctoral degree

Entry into force from 18.07.2017

  1. The University Board may, from suggestions and recommendations from the faculties, confer the degree honorary doctoral degree (doctor honoris causa) for significant academic or artistic efforts or exccellent work for the benefit of academia or the art pursuant to the Act of 1 April 2005 relating to Universities and University Colleges Sections 3-2, item 5.
  2. Conferral of the degree honorary doctoral degree may take place every 4th year, or when the University Board finds that a University anniversary or occasion should be marked in this manner.
  3. At least 1 year before the conferment takes place the faculties must be given opportunity to propose a conferment of honorary doctoral degree. The proposal must contain personal details of the proposed candidates, information about academic works and/or other activity significant for the evaluation, and the proposee's explanation. Each of the faculty boards will assess the proposals and recommendation to the university board. The university board may ask the faculty board give a prioritisation of the candidates.
  4. Conferment of honorary doctoral degree may only occur within subject areas where NMBU has right to confer ordinary doctoral degrees. Each of the faculties should hence propose candidates within the subject field of their responsibility.
  5. When the decision of the university board is made the person in question must be informed about the decision, with request to confirm whether he or she will accept the coferment of the honorary doctoral degree.
  6. Conferment of the honorary doctoral degree will normally take place in connection with the ordinary yearly doctoral degree ceremony or a similar significant event of the university.
  7. The conferment can only occur with the relevant person at the event. The board may in specific special circumstances make exceptions from this rule and decide how the conferment will be made.
  8. All documents regarding the processing of the honorary doctoral degree proposals must be kept from public access until the univeristy board has made its decision.

Applications may be uploaded via P360 ref. 22/xxxxx (new case no. to come) and kept from public access until the decision date of the University Board.

Published 7. November 2017 - 11:46 - Updated 20. June 2022 - 13:41