Support for positioning

Positioning is about making the research group or environment visible, being heard and being an actor with whom the best environments in Europe want to collaborate. The effects of positioning measures will strengthen the research group's/research environment's ability to succeed in the EU framework program.

By positioning is meant, for example:

Building relationships with leading European research and innovation environments (networking)

  • Short-term positioning to join existing consortia
  • Participate in arenas that help set the European research and innovation agenda (strategic work)
  • Measures to raise the competence of Horizon Europe and the European research and innovation area

Examples of positioning activities can be participation in various information meetings, conferences and Brokerage Events where the goal is for the research group/research environment to gain access to new networks, make the research group or environment visible, profile themselves as an attractive partner in future applications and gain more knowledge about Horizon Europe. Positioning activities can also be visiting potential partners, arranging seminars etc. Utility value beyond the research group/research environment may be an advantage.

The total amount for the announcement is NOK 150 000, maximum budget per application is NOK. 75 000.

The application deadline is 31 March. The application form can be found here. Applications must be sent by e-mail to the Research Support Office at Monica Holthe: Responses to the application will be sent by 29 April.

Applications that are granted must send a brief final report by 11 December 2022. The final report must contain a description of completed activities and results and a printout from UBW as confirmation of documented costs. Allocated amount is paid after approval of the final report. The support only covers costs for NMBU's employees, salaries are not covered. The activities must be carried within 2022. Please note that expenses related specifically to the development of applications in Horizon Europe are not covered by positioning funds but by the Project Establishment Support Scheme.

Published 23. February 2022 - 13:58 - Updated 23. February 2022 - 14:22