Project Establishment Support (PES)

Programs that are covered by PES:

Proposals aimed at all parts of Horizon Europe, including subprograms such as MSCA, ERC, EIC Pathfinder etc. are eligible for PES. You can also get PES to prepare proposals aimed at the following programs that have a direct connection to Horizon Europe:

- COST (establishment of new networks)
- ERA-NET (applies to ERA-NET which started in Horizon 2020 and has calls for proposals in 2021 or later, not just COFUND announcements)

Proposals targeting EU initiatives other than those listed here are not eligible for PES funding.

 Funding may be used to cover the following costs:

  • Travel expenses
  • Payroll compensation for personnel, e.g. for hiring a substitute to take over duties of the researcher who will be writing the proposal.
  • Procurement of external assistance and consultation.

NMBU receives an annual framework grant from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) for PES. The criteria set by RCN and internal rates for NMBU form the basis for the grants. The grant amount will be based on the project type and the applicant's role in the planned EU project.

How to apply:
Download and fill out the application form and send it to Monica Holthe. Normally applicants will receive an award letter within two weeks. There should be only one PES application per EU-proposal, sent by the researcher who has primary responsibility for the proposal. All NMBU employees must apply through NMBU. The Department of Research and Innovation processes the applications.


The money is paid in arrears provided the submitted EU-proposal is formally accepted (eligible). The payment is based on actual costs specified in a short final report. The final report should be sent no later than three weeks after the evaluation report is available. A separate project for the PES allocation has to be created in UBW, and all claimed costs has to be recorded on this project. The report must contain:

  • A brief description of completed activities
  • A description of accounted costs with specified amounts and total sum for the project
  • In case of payroll compensation for employees the following must be specified: Number of hours, hourly cost and name of the person to be paid over the PES project
  • Attachments:
    - Accounting document from UBW which shows the same total cost as in the description of the costs
    - The evaluation report for the application

Open-ended. Applicants are encouraged to submit PES applications as early as possible, i.e. as soon as a planned project begins to take shape.

Internal rates for NMBU 
Internal rates (in Norwegian, contact EU adviser Monica Holthe if you have questions)

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