NMBU offers professional support in proposal development and management of projects. We have three EU advisers, an EU Project Controller and two legal advisers in the university's administration who can assist you. The departments have administrative staff who can help with budgeting and project management. In addition, NMBU uses external consultants for training and support in proposal development.

What can we help you with?

  • Funding sources
  • Proposal development, preevaluation of proposals
  • Budgeting
  • Development of communication -/dissemination plan
  • Finding relevant documents and contacts
  • Design and quality assurance of contracts and agreements
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Contractual phase
  • Financial issues, financial reporting
  • Commercialization of research results
  • Financial support for developing EU applications: Project Establishment Support (PES)
  • Positioning support - usually annual call

Contact persons

Administrative support for EU proposals and projects is provided by EU advisers in the university administration and by advisers at the departments. EU advisers in the university administration are responsible for information, proposal development and the contractual phase. The responsibility for the daily management of EU projects lies with the departments, but the university administration can also provide guidance and support during this phase. NMBU’s EU project controller has a particular responsibility to assist the departments with budgets, financial reporting and other financial issues.

EU advisers; funding sources, proposal development and general information:                        

Monica Holthe, +47 67 23 01 52

Elisabeth Tangstad, +47 67 23 01 70

Per Ivar Høvring, +47 917 32 120

EU-project controller; economy and reporting: Gunn H. Bremnes,, +47 67 23 06 29

List of contact persons at the departments, for budgeting and reporting:

VET: Mari Elisabeth Smith
HH: Berit Pettersen
BIOVIT: Gro Stokke Liverød, Jan Ove Rabben
KBM: Ann Kristin Øyen
REALTEK: Torgeir Pedersen
MINA: Gunnar Jensen, Natalia Danchenko
LANDSAM: Ingrid StefanoKristin AureSidsel Gulbrandsen 

Juridical questions, contracts, agreements, IPR: Vegard Arnhoff and Mari Augensen Mathisen

Support for development and implementation of communication -/dissemination plan: Joanna Boddens-Hosang

Assistance from a consulting company

NMBU cooperates with several consulting companies that can assist the university to design applications. These companies have a long experience with writing proposals and guide clients. Some of them evaluate proposals for the EU-commission. They offer, among others, individual guidance throughout the application process and pre-evaluation of applications. They cover all types of applications and disciplines in Horizon Europe. Contact the EU-advisers if you want assistance from a consulting firm. Costs can be covered, in most cases, from PES-funds.

Published 17. August 2016 - 9:25 - Updated 23. February 2022 - 14:10