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Course: Working with Norwegians

Would you play chess or poker without learning the rules of the game first? Working with Norwegians without understanding the Norwegian way may be quite like playing chess or poker without knowing the rules. Join this seminar 29.October 2018.


Service: Academic writing services to PhD candidates

The NMBU Writing Centre offers academic writing services for PhD candidates; One-on-one consultations, silent writing labs, peer review sessions and academic writing workshops. Read more in the full article.

Akademisk skriving

Course: Academic writing for PhD candidates (3 days)

This course covers the fundamentals of academic writing for both the social and natural (physical) sciences.  Information in Norwegian.



Kurs: Prosjektledelse for ph.d.-veiledere (1 dag)

Project Management for PhD supervisors. The information text and the course will be in Norwegian.

1-dags kurs for ph.d.-veiledere med fokus på styring og ledelse av forsknings- og ph.d.-prosjekt den 10. desember 2018. Kurset inkluderer opplæring i hvordan du skal håndtere forskningsdata som genereres i prosjektet og utarbeidelse av datahåndteringsplaner (DMP). 

Students discussing at the University Library

Service: Learn to use "Oria" and "EndNote"

Learn effective and safe literature searching and how to use a reference tool to cite correctly. Find a course in the University Library course calendar. Check out the Library homepage for all services.


Course: Presentation skills

NMBU presentation skills course for PhD candidates and for academic employees have been set up on several dates throughout the year. The course is a one whole day activity. Details in Norwegian.

Click to find more information and dates and to register to the courses.

Kompetansesenteret for innovasjon kan gi råd om mulig kommersialisering av forskning.

Kurs: Industrieller rettigheter (INN410), 5 ECTS (150 timer)

Innovasjon og kommersialisering for ph.d.-kandidater innen alle fagområder. Her lærer du mer om industrielle rettigheter i innovasjonsprosessen. Neste kurs kommer i januarblokka 2019. Les mer her.

Innovation and commercialisation for PhD candidates within all diciplines. This is where you may learn more about the role of industrial rights in the process of innovation. Next course will be in January 2019.


Stresset ph.d.-kandidat

Seminar: How to cope with stress

Learn how to cope with stress, strengthen your self-esteem and stay focused with scientifically recognized methods. Join us on Wednesday 7th or Wednesday 28th of November 2018.


Kurs: Grunnleggende statistikk (MOOC)

What is statistics? What can we use it for? How can I analyze my data? This course is for those requiring introduction or repetition of basic statistics. Information text is in Norwegian as English is currently per request.

Hva er statistikk? Hva kan statistikk brukes til? Hvordan kan jeg analysere mine data? Dette kurset er for deg som ønsker en innføring i eller en repetisjon av de mest grunnleggende deler av statistikkfaget. Les mer informasjon her.


Service: Information meeting for new PhD candidates

All new PhD candidates and their supervisors are encouraged to join the information meeting, by registration. The meeting will answer many questions related to the PhD education at NMBU.

Date: 7 March 2019 at 09:15-12:00, followed by a light lunch in the Economy Building (canteen).  The full article text shows the content of the meeting.


Service: The Career Centre

Finalizing your PhD education means that you soon will be applying for jobs. You will need to get inspired on how the approach the job market in Norway, some of you also outside academia. 


Course: Management of the PhD project (FORN400), 2 ECTS

Learn how to best manage your PhD project. The course in project management (FORN400) is for PhD candidates, research programme students and specialist candidates. Next course is on the 29 - 30 October and 15 November 2018. Registration in Studentweb from 1 August. Information in Norwegian.


Kurs: Datahåndtering og datahåndteringsplaner (3,5 timer)

Kurset skal gi deltakerne kunnskap om håndtering av forskningsdata (lagring, arkivering og deling av data), datahåndteringsplaner, og nasjonale og internasjonale retningslinjer. Kursene krever ingen forkunnskaper og er åpne for studenter og ansatte. Mer informasjon om nye kurs i artikkelen.

Data Management and Data Management Plans. Information text is in Norwegian as English is currently per request.


Kurs: Datahåndtering (inkl. persondata) og datahåndteringsplaner (1 dag)

Dette er et innføringskurs som skal gi deltakerne kunnskap om datahåndtering inkl. personsensitive data, datahåndteringsplaner, nasjonale og internasjonale lover og retningslinjer. Mer informasjon i artikkelen.

Data Management (incl. Personal data) and Data Management Plans. Information text is in Norwegian as English is currently per request.

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