Farm based day care services for people with dementia

Farm based day care services for people with dementia

The project aims to contribute to quality development of day care services for people with dementia.



Key research areas are

- potential health benefits for the people with dementia and their next of kin and their experiences with attending the services

- key elements of the care faming environment as compared to ordinary day care

- factors facilitating collaboration between the care farmer and the public health care services

More about the project

The interest in day care services on farms for people with dementia is increasing. National strategic documents (Demensplan 2015 and 2020, Action Plan for "Inn på tunet" 2013-2017) point to care farming as a complementary service to meet the need for day care services for the growing elderly population. At the same timeas the farm can provide meaningfull activities for targeted groups and serve as a health promoting setting, care farming can be viewed as a sustainable use of farm resources and to integrate ecosystem services as an additional income for the farmer.

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  • Stein Likvern

    Stein Likvern