HUNT One Health

HUNT One Health

Barn og hund

The HUNT- One Health project is a collaboration between NMBU, the Veterinary Institute and NTNU. The project is managed by the Veterinary Institute and is a sub-project of the population health study in Nord-Trøndelag, HUNT4.

Time frame:

The first part of the project (establishing phase): August 26, 2017 until December 31, 2020. Active period: from January 1, 2021

Funding sources:

The main financial support has been from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, together with the Research Council of Norway. In addition, the county of Nord Trøndelag, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Animalia, the Norwegian Farmers' Association as well as the Norwegian Farmers' and Smallholders' Association have contributed with financial support and/or with manpower and other support.



Contact information

Øivind Øines (Norwegian Veterinary Institute, project leader), Kristian Hveem (NTNU/HUNT), Ann-Katrin Llarena (NMBU) / Sabrina Rodriguez-Campos (NMBU)