Ongoing projects

NorENS: Developing the Norwegian Energy System in the European Energy Transition (2018-2021)
NorENS will explore the likely directions of the European energy transition. It will develop future-oriented analysis models that connect all flexibility technologies in the power, heat, gas and transport sectors.

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Contact person: Torjus F Bolkesjø

Flex4RES (2016-2019)
The project demonstrates how the challenge of integrating high shares of variable renewable energy in the energy system can be handled efficiently through a stronger coupling of energy markets across the Nordic region, thereby facilitating a zero-carbon energy transition. Pathways towards coherent, flexible Nordic energy systems encompassing the electricity, heat, gas, and transport sectors are identified by combining technical analysis of flexibility potentials, economic analysis of markets and regulatory frameworks, and energy system modelling quantifying impacts.
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Contact person: Torjus F Bolkesjø


BioNEXT (2016-2019)
In light of the transitions taking place in the energy and forest sector, the primary objective of BioNEXT is to identify and evaluate commercial, regulatory and technological pathways towards an economically viable and successful forest bioenergy sector.
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Contact person: Torjus F Bolkesjø


UPERCRET (2015-2019)
The development of renewable energy resources require adequate human capacity with the relevant skills to design, finance, build, commission and maintain renewable energy conversion system installations. It is widely acknowledged that lack of personnel with the requisite knowledge and skill in renewable energy is a major barrier to the development of the energy sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Contact person: Muyiwa Sam Adaramola


Recent projects

Flexelterm (2014-2017)
The project provided knowledge of for better interaction between thermal energy and the power system. When variable renewable energy will influence the energy system, flexible thermal systems can provide desirable flexibility that enables more efficient integration of VRE.
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Contact person: Erik Trømborg



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