PhD projects

Eirik Ogner Jåstad (2020)

Assessments of the future role of bioenergy in the Nordic energy and forest sectors

Main supervisor: Per K Rørstad

Yibeltal T Wassie (2020)

Effects of access to renewable energy sources and technologies on rural household energy use and the environment in Ethiopia

Main supervisor: Muyiwa S Adaramola

Pablo Ignacio Adolfo Durán Flores (2020)

A novel framework for coupling mesoscale and steady-state CFD models for wind resource assessment

Main supervisor: Muyiwa S Adaramola

Denis EK Dzebre (2019)

Thesis title: Sensitivity Analyses of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model for Wind Resource Assessment in Coastal Ghana

Main supervisor: Muyiwa S Adaramola

Eli Sandberg (2019)

Thesis title: Nordic district heating and energy system flexibility – Challenges and opportunities

Main supervisor: Erik Trømborg

David Ato Quansah (2018)
Thesis title: Performance Degradation of Photovoltaics systems
Main supervisor: Muyiwa S Adaramola

Franz Mühle (2018)
Thesis title: Structure of wind turbines wake and wind farm optimization
Main supervisor: Muyiwa S Adaramola

Wahid Mustapha (2018)
Thesis title: Forest-based biofuels in the Nordic countries: Potentials and interactions with the forest industries and the energy sector.
Main supervisor: Erik Trømborg

Jon Gustav Kirkerud (2017)
Thesis title: The interplay between existing energy sources and new renewable energy sources
Main supervisor: Torjus Bolkesjø

Dejene Assefa Hagos (2017)
Thesis title: Optimal integration of renewable energy sources into Inland Norway energy system
Main supervisor: Torjus Bolkesjø

Anna Kipping (2016)
Thesis title: Modeling hourly energy consumption in Norwegian buildings
Main supervisor: Erik Trømborg

Iliana Ilieva (2015)
Thesis title: Economic perspectives of market integration and demand flexibility within a smart grid dominated power sector
Main supervisor: Torjus Bolkesjø

Åsa Grytli Tveten (2015)
Thesis title: Competing flexibility measures in energy systems with high shares of Variable Renewable energy
Main supervisor: Torjus Bolkesjø


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