Nature-based tourism

Nature-based tourism


Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Our research focuses on recreational use, sustainability and the business aspect.

About nature-based tourism at NMBU

The tourism economy is growing strongly, and in Norway tourism is a pronounced political area of focus. With our natural advantages, tourism has great potential as a district industry. Norway's tourism strategy points to increased value creation and productivity, solid year-round businesses and qualitatively good experiences as three main goals. It is also a stated goal that nature-based tourism should be integrated into the management of protected areas. A multidisciplinary, research-based approach is crucial to realizing these goals.

Our research: 

- the economic conditions for rural tourism
- the development of the industry's sustainable resource base
- how attractive experiences can be developed
- tourism and nature protection

Nature-based tourism

- Research group with approx. 12 employees.

- Multidisciplinary focus on nature-based tourism.

- Part of the Faculty of environmental sciences and natural resource management (MINA). Faculty home page.