PhD projects on forest inventory

PhD projects from the research group: 

PhD projects


Victor Felix Strimbu
"Biomass stock and change estimation in boreal forests using remotely sensed data - results from empirical studies and simulations."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
Kaja Kandare
"Fusion of airborne laser scanning and hyperspectral data for predicting forest characteristics at different spatial scales."
Main supervisor: Hans Ole Ørka
Stefano Puliti
"Use of photogrammetric 3D data for forest inventory." 
Main supervisor: Terje Gobakken
Johannes Christoph Peter Rahlf
"Forest resource mapping using 3D remote sensing: Combining national forest inventory data and digital aerial photogrammetry." 
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
Daud Jones Kachamba
"Biomass estimation models and methods for miombo woodlands of Malawi using field and remotely sensed data."
Main supervisor: Tron Eid
Endre Hofstad Hansen
"Estimation of biomass in tropical rainforest using airborne laser scanning."
Main supervisor: Terje Gobakken
Ernest William Mauya
"Methods for estimating volume, biomass and tree species diversity using field inventory and airborne laser scanning in the tropical forests of Tanzania."
Main supervisor: Tron Eid
Karen Lone
"LIDAR, habitat structure and the ecology of ungulates in a landscape of fear."
Main supervisor: Leif Egil Loe
Rune Østergaard Pedersen
"On individual tree competition indices, airborne laser scanning, and plot edge bias."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
John Wirkola Dirksen
"Modelling presence of swamp forest and forest dwelling birds in a boreal forest reserve using airborne laser scanning."
Main supervisor: Mikael Ohlson
Marius Hauglin
"Estimating forest biomass components by airborne and terrestrial laser scanning."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
Nadja Stumberg
"Detection of small single trees in the forest-tundra ecotone using airborne laser scanning."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
Liviu Theodor Ene
"Methods for enhancing forest inventories at different spatial scales using auxiliary information."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
Hans Ole Ørka
"Improving forest inventory and monitoring by combining remotely sensed three-dimensional and spectral information."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
Ole Martin Bollandsås
"Uneven aged forestry in Norway: Inventory and management models."
Main supervisor: Erik Næsset
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