About us

The University Animal Hospital is the only veterinary teaching hospital in Norway; therefor the Equine Clinic and the Small Animal Clinic are essential to the education of our students.

We offer primary and specialised medical and surgical care to companion animals, and our experts are the best in their fields in Norway. Our employees have years of experience and speciality training in their chosen fields of expertise. We also have specialists who have undergone international residency programs and are qualified Diplomates.

In addition to clinical work, the department is dedicated to a wide range of clinical research projects.

The goal of our research is to ensure a progression and advancement in companion animal diagnosis and treatment. We also strive for influential research with a comparative aspect to human medicine.

Our staff is involved in the educational programs at the Faculty and the Department. The University Animal Hospital  is open all hours ensuring ample emergency case loads for all students (vet and vet nursing students), interns, specialist veterinarian candidates, surgeons and anaesthesiologists.

Companion Animals

The Small Animal Clinic has highly qualified veterinarians with specialties in surgery, emergency medicine and oncology. We have international specialists within areas such as internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, anaesthesia, dermatology, rehabilitation, reproduction and obstetrics.

The majority of our research projects are aimed at neurological diseases, cancer, skeletal diseases, and urinary tract disorders. Our veterinary nurses assist during the examination and treatment. They ensure high quality care and nursing for all our patients.. Many of the veterinary nurses also have further education in various areas, such as rehabilitation, anaesthesia, surgical assistance, intensive care, nutrition and odontology.


The Equine Clinic is unique nationally, as it has specialists in surgery, internal medicine, and anaesthesiology. Five of the seven employees in the Equine Clinic have internationally recognised specialists. The Clinic’s research projects are primarily focused on skeletal disorders, gastro-intestinal diseases, airway disorders, neurology and pain therapy. The veterinary nurses at the Equine Clinic assist during examination and treatment and ensure high quality care for all our patients.

Advanced Equipment

The Department has equipment for digital X-ray, computer tomography (CT), ultrasound and scintigraphy. There is an Intensive Care Unit at the small animal clinic where patients are monitored around the clock. We also have operating microscopes, modern anaesthesiology equipment with respirators and surveillance options, endoscopes for airway examination of horses during exertion with and without a treadmill as some examples of  our equipment.


We educate veterinarians and veterinary nurses. We also educate international specialists in several disciplines and contribute to the education of national specialists.

Published 10. August 2015 - 12:18 - Updated 24. November 2016 - 13:54