3D Distribution


Using fluorescent multi-color in situ hybridization technique, we developped 3D atlases of juvenile and adult male and female medaka pituitary. The atlas provides localization of seven endocrine cell types: lactotropes, thyrotropes, two distinct gonadotropes, somatotropes, somatolactotropes, and corticotropes + melanotropes. This platform is user friendly, which enables the user to navigate to the whole pituitary from any angles and points of view as well as allows the user to focus on certain cell types of interest. Considering less detailed information provided by previous 2D maps of teleost pituitary, we introduce these 3D atlases 


Short video presentation explaining how to use the 3D model and how to navigate and open z-stack files in order to observe specific labels.

1. Navigate with the 3D model

2. Navigate to the repository of raw data files

3. Make a 3D view of a raw data file

Published 1. May 2021 - 7:00 - Updated 23. August 2021 - 16:57