Medaka facility

The facility is located in the basement of our building. It consists of 9 racks and can house several thousand fishes under the care and supervision of a dedicated engineer. The water is produced by the automatically controlled add of salts to pure water and the quality is monitored daily to maintain a stable environment for the fishes.

The health and  welfare of the fish are of great importance. The fish are monitored daily and all fish handling, experiments and anesthesia/euthanasia are performed according to the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act and the Regulation on the Use of Animals in Experiments

In the medaka facility we keep the strain Oryzias latipes d-rR derived from offspring of fish from a stock (d-rR) at Nagoya University. We have wildtype fish and different transgenic lines with fluorescent proteins coupled to the promoter of genes of interest (like lhb:Gfp and fshb:Rfp).



Published 2. November 2018 - 9:27 - Updated 14. May 2019 - 15:46